DF Desolation Wikia

Desolation removes all the existing trees from the game. Instead, it uses giant mushrooms.

To be more precise, it *will* use giant mushrooms, once the tree mushroom caps in DF are fixed (currently, they don't drop any wood and cut out the growth of the trees). As of now, most of these trees look like spires, with spore-pod growths all over. The growths will be moved to the caps once they become viable.

Other than the mushrooms, there are also several special types of trees. All of them need to be processed in the Sawmill; it is advised to store them in a separate stockpile linked to the sawmill and the Adra Engineer and not the carpenter, so that they aren't wasted.

Non-fungal trees[]

  • Bone Spikes: processed into chunks of bonemold
  • Flesh Trees: processed into meat, tanned skin and bonemold
  • Glass Spires: processed into raw glass gems
  • Gem Caps: processed into gems
  • Radiant Caps: processed into living crystal shards (see Crystal Forge)
  • Living Adra Pillar: processed into adra gems (see High Tech)