Version 1.4 has introduced several new creatures (based around a common theme of extra-dimensional toothed horrors with a dash of Attack on Titan), as well as the means of processing their remains.

New Creatures Edit

Qian ya the queen with a thousand teeth by halycon450-d99nx0e

I was inspired by this image.

Lesser Toothed Horrors Edit

They use the Mutant material tier for most tissues except for teeth (which they also have instead of claws), which are equal to enchanted mutant bonemold. Other Horrors have a similiar composition for their tiers; all the Horrors are also immune to pain, fear and exertion, and most of them don't have eyes (the Titans do).

  • Flesh Wolf: a human-sized quadruped with a carapace on its torso
  • Plated Rager: a large quadruped with carapace on most of the body, except for the neck
  • Grinning Ripper: humanoid; unprotected, but has a high dodge skill
  • Lesser Titan: huge; has partial armor, natural weapons and a backup [THOUGHT] part (other Titans also have these qualities)

Greater Toothed Horrors (Morphling material tier) Edit

  • Fanged Thrall: a normal-sized humanoid with claws and partial carapace
  • Armored Gnasher: a larger humanoid with scythe-limbs and full-body armor
  • Elegant Rifter: an agile humanoid with four arms
  • Misshapen Behemoth: a huge abomination, very rare
  • Graceful Titan: her, sort of. Has high comat skills, including dodge, and is very rare

Megabeast: Queen of Many Teeth (Divine material tier) Edit

  • Queen of Many Teeth: huge, six limbs, dangerous combat skills
  • Colossal Titan: this guy (well, not *that* huge; has the size of a bronze colossus). Less skilful than the Queen.

Processing Edit

All the Horrors drop a special tool item upon death ("skeletal 'x' remains"), as their flesh turns to dust when it happens. These remains can be processed in the Organic Factory, resulting in some bonemold, a randomzed amount of taint crystals and arcane gems, sometimes some fabric, and some magical teeth (tool items). The teeth can then be used at the Craftsman's workshop to craft weapons and armor; they have the material quality of enchanted bonemold, like the Horrors' teeth (therefore, they'll be as strong as steel, fungal steel or saronite steel respectively).

The equipment-making reactions also require some additional materials: cyanleather (for the armor) or cyanwood (for the weapons), as well as liquid cyan glue.

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