DF Desolation Wikia

Desolation adds multiple large roaming creatures to the game, both to the surface and the caverns.

  • M2
    Star Beasts (Canis, Ursa, Panthera, Unicornis, Vipera, Scorpio): a creature that uses a special group of materials and tissues. These creatures are less sensitive to pain than normal; their organs are replaced with crystals. Their outer shells are equivalent in strength to morphling carapace. They are encountered in all biomes.
  • M1
    Dryad-like beasts (Feral Dryads, Timber Wolves, Raging Crushers, Crawlers, Skitterers and Bogstalkers): several creatures that consist of magical wood, as hard as bronze. Each type is encountered in an appropriate biome (ex. Timber Wolves are in forests). They are opposed to life.
  • M3
    Tyranids (Gaunt, Ravener, Lictor, Carnifex, Trygon): several solitary and pack creatures with the Morphling material tier, all equipped with natural armor and weapons. Encountered everywhere.
  • M4
    Spawns of Hakkar (Seeker, Slayer, Juggernaut, Son of Hakkar): winged serpents that are waiting for you to dig them out of the caves. Material sets progress from Mutant to Divine. Their hearts are precious gems.
  • M5
    Silithids (Scarab, Stinger, Tank, Scorpid, Colossus): insectoid monsters that are also waiting for you to dig them out. Encountered in large swarms of smaller creatures, or as gigantic solitary Colossi. They contain pearls.
  • M6
    New underground "metal men": now in copper, bronze and steel flavors. Also, there's a surprise, who is his own master now.
  • M7
    More underground "gem men".
  • M8
    Crystal Beasts, consisting of three creatures: a vertebrate wolf-like one (Stalker, Hunter, Slayer), an insectoid one (Skitterer, Stinglash, Reaver) and a night creature (Snatcher). They have a living crystal tissue set, with natural weapons and armor, but the crystals can be useful.
  • M9
    Felstalkers: roaming surface predators with the Morphling material tier, but no natural armor. They will have either a stinging tail, or claw-tentacles.
  • M10
    Giant Centipedes: underground creatures with a great many legs, with castes of varying size and menace.
  • M11
    Lost Equinyr, who have been separated from Archons for a long time and devolved into animals. They are a source of living crystal; although, watch out for the mutated castes.
  • M12
    Equinyr Golems, a failed Archon experiment. They consist of hard living rock with a crystal substructure, and have natural weapons. Their mind is in the Heart Crystals. Their body components are processed in the crystal forge.
  • Toothed Horrors