DF Desolation Wikia

Desolation replaces a lot of the domestic animals with the following:

  • M14
    Silver Leopard: a guard/war animal to replace dogs. Mutant tissue tier.
  • M20
    Golden Ocelot: a vermin hunter to replace cats; they don't choose their owner. Mutant tissue tier.
  • M13
    Plainsrunner: an equinoid animal for meat/milking/shearing, with Normal tissue tier. There are three mutant castes that are used as war animals: Ragers, Striders (horse-sized, used as a mount) and Stompers (elephant-sized, used as a mount). Due to the current impossibility of butchering sapients regardless of ethics, their body parts can be processed for 'regular' arcanite.
  • M17
    Dusk Tanks, evil insectoid monsters that can be used as mounts.
  • M15
    Singer Maggots, which are milkable.
  • M16
    Deer Beetles, which lay eggs.