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Arcaneplast blocks needed for construction.

This group of buildings is centered around the use of a magical mineral, Adra. It is found in the form of:

  • Living Adra Pillars, which are trees, found in caves and on the surface; processed in the Adra Engineer workshop
  • Befouled Adra Veins, which is a mineral; processed at the Toxin Refinery workshop.

The result is rough gems, which should be stored in a dedicated stockpile to avoid accidental use by gem cutters.

Adra Engineer[]

Deals with adra components. Rough adra gems are turned into Basic Adra Circuits, and these can be further made into:

  • Adra Batteries: 1 circuit + 2 taint crystals; they are needed by many high-tech reactions, and the recharged using biofuel.
  • Booster Circuit: 2 circuits + silver; weapon component
  • Power Core: 2 circuits + gold; weapon component
  • Emitter Assembly: 2 circuits + 2 platinum; weapon component
  • Star Blaster ammo: 1 circuit = 20 shots
  • Alchemy transmutation cores: 5 circuits = 5 - 10 cores

Reactions need gem cutting and encrusting labors.

Toxin Refinery[]

Deals with various volatile materials.

  • Smelts Blood of Yogg-Saron and Nether Sparkstone
  • Turns taint crystals and mana crystals into ether orbs
  • Energizes saronite using ether orbs
  • Grinds taint crystals for use at the Felglass Furnace
  • Mixes ground taint crystals with clay to produce felclay for use at the Kiln
  • Makes starmetal wafers

Reactions need smelting, strand extraction, alchemy and pottery.

Adra Reaction Chamber[]


Here, adra gems are compressed into Harmonic Diamonds, and then infused with ether orbs to create elemental diamonds. A set of those can be used in the IMP Vats workshop to create a cloud of mutagen that will turn "default" castes into rare ones (or into... something else; Mad Science is not a toy, you know!). Reactions need alchemy.