DF Desolation Wikia

Desolation adds a group of buildings that aids in the processing of creature materials.

Arcanite Extractor[]


Butchered body components are processed into Arcanite Sponges. Nervous tissues are processed automatically; other parts (meat, fat, organs and horns/hooves) need to be ordered manually, and require catalyst caps for processing. Most animal tissues are processed into Dim arcanite; the regular arcanite is refined from humanoids (currently, also from plainsrunners, because of the problem described above), Dark Arcanite is from morphlings, and Brilliant Arcanite is from Divine-tier creatures. There's an extractor for each type. Regular and Dark extractors require dim arcaneplast blocks to construct, Brilliant extractors require regular blocks. Pressing labor is required.

Arcanite Grinder[]


This workshop automatically processed miscellaneous parts (cartilage, etc) into Arcanite Sludge. It can also consume bonemold to do this. The sludge is stored in jugs. Pressing labor is required.

Arcane Compressor[]


Here, raw liquid arcanite is pressed from the sponges, into jugs. The process has a chance of producing various 'dim' arcane gems, which can be used in an 'energizing' reaction with rainbow sludge to increase their value. Five jugs' worth of raw arcanite are required for one jug of refined arcanite. Alchemy labor is required.

Arcane Kiln[]


Here, arcaneplast can be made by combining synneplast with refined arcanite. This is a high-value material which can be used to make furniture in the same workshop, including blocks; a lot of the new workshops require blocks and other parts made from arcaneplast. Pottery labor is required.

Arcane Altar[]


This workshop is hard to construct. It can empower regular Arcanite into Brilliant Arcanite (using Ether Orb), as well as create Starmetal (using brilliant arcanite and elemental diamonds).